Below and via the tabs you can find information on the equipment and resources we currently have available. 

Communal Workspace

Come in and work on your designs prior to machining. Our communal space is a great environment for prototyping, knowledge sharing and just simply getting your ideas together!

Bays / Event Space 

If all you need is large space for assembly for a day or two, our bays may be ideal. Alternatively the large open space next to the lab is great for seminars, meet ups and other events.

Wood Workshop (£15 p/day)

Includes a variety of hand tools and power tools for working with raw materials, or adding finishing touches to machined products.


Perfect for lessons and meetings, the classroom is designed to be as flexible as possible to accommodate activities which need a separate space or somewhere a bit quieter. Available for hire.

Casting & Moulding Wet Room 

For messy processes such as working with plaster and silicone moulds.

Electronics Workstation (£15 p/day)

Perfect for developing circuits and boards, with soldering irons, wire cutters/strippers and other tooling suitable for small electronics projects.

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Epilog Legend Mini 24 Laser Cutter

Ultimaker Original

Roland SRM-20 Desktop Milling Machine

Janome 200e Embroidery Machine

Digital Kiln

Roland GX-24 Vinyl Cutter

Ultimaker 2

ShopBot PRSalpha 96 CNC

Heat Press