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Last night Machines Room was packed with people talking Hardware. CRL, London's newest Hardware Accelerator, held an evening inviting applications to their second cohort of hardware startups. 

There was a really interesting discussion chaired by Mat Hunter with Alex Peet, CRL's ex-Dyson Workshop Manager, and Matt Webb, ex Berg mentor to many hardware startups. Matt talked about how to categorise new products that are going to Kickstarter, and he said that he visualised going through John Lewis, and asked himself where he would find it. If you can't find the department in John Lewis then you won't be able to find the equivalent in adwords online.…

Machines Room is pleased to be hosting this Tech For Good Meetup about Hardware for Good. This area is growing fast and we have some amazing speakers to share their work using hardware to solve social challenges . We've got everything from open source robots to mass citizen sensor networks!

Bram from Wevolver - telling us about their awesome work turning open source hardware into a force for good through Wevolver - a web platform for sharing and collaborating on open hardware projects.

Stacey Driver from Stickleback & Ragworm - bringing her manufacturing insight from leading PCB manufacturer Stickleback, Stacey will be sharing lessons from the reality of creating hardware and how she's using this with her venture Ragwork, to make PCB prototyping accessible to all.

Tomas Diez from Smart Citizen - on his work building an open platform for citizens to share, visualise…

Maker Assembly is a one-day event that explores a series of topics around making, with a focus on critical discussion about the current state of the maker culture

The event encourages everyone to participate, share experiences and contribute to the mix of keynote presentations and debates. The day will focus on themes such as learning from historical maker traditions, the impact of digital manufacturing tools locally and around the world, the critical challenges for the maker movement to move beyond the hype and how to create sustainable models and spaces to "make" in the city.

Speakers: Dean Brown, Liz Corbin, Tomas Diez, Janet Gunthter, Phoenix Perry, Rebecca Ross, Adrian Smith, James Tooze and Machines Room director Nat…

The aim of this event is to bring together people involved or interested in sustainability activities to share, discuss, and reflect upon their experiences.

Confirmed speakers include

  • Trystan Lea, Open Energy Monitor          
  • Janet Gunter, Restart Project
  • Didac Ferrer, Tarpuna Co-operative & Ateneus de Fabricació Digital, Barcelona
  • Sophie Thomas, RSA Great Recovery 
  • Max Wakefield, Demand Energy Equality
  • Richard Clifford, MAKLab, Glasgow
  • Justyna Swat, POC21 and OuiShare
  • Liz Corbin / Mark Miodownik, Institute of Making, London
  • Susana Nascimento, ex-Vitruvius FabLab and Joint Research Centre - Brussels,
    European Commission
  • Ann Light, Professor of Creative Technology, University of Sussex

Monday 26 October at Machines Room


As part of this year's Crafts Council Make:Shift:Do, come and learn how to incorporate LED lights and conductive thread in this soft toy making workshop.

Suitable for adults and children aged 6+ accompanied by and adult. Materials supplied. Workshop led by Jennie Fagerstrom.

Friday 23rd October
2pm-6pm at Machines Room


On Thursday 3rd September, Ralph Borland's African Robots exhibition will open late for 1st Thursday and on Friday 4th September we will be hosting a special african themed Alterfutures:

This AlterFutures will focus on African design futures and is held in conjunction with South African artist and researcher Ralph Borland’s exhibition African Robots.

Joining Ralph will be Cher Potter, V&A Senior Research Fellow, who will present her new 2-year project on design futures in Sub-Saharan Africa, which starts next month and runs until 2017. This project brings together design theorists, technological innovators and museum professionals from six different centres - Dakar, Accra, Nairobi, Cape Town, London and Oxford - for a series of talks and exhibitions taking place…

Machines Room is hosting the nomadic incubator Upstarter who are runnning -  Future Maker Business a workshop that scopes the kind of near future, and explores what kinds of possible businesses that new digital production can allow us to do now. What forces will be on us, and what possibilities will we be able to take advantage of?

This is a hands on, business prototyping workshop, so be prepared to make things too!

it is for makers, designers, and people who think they are non-creatives.


////Worn////Mike Vanis & Koby Barhad + Carlos Monleón & Alexa Pollmann

Machines Room is excited to host the next Alterfutures meet up which presents two collaborative pairings who are challenging the idea of wearables:

Carlos Monleón and Alexa Pollmann will present a critique of the concept ‘wearables’ and suggest an alternative understanding to the one currently given by the industry. They will show a series of personal projects and case studies that will expand on the notions of ‘wearing’ and ‘wears’ as interfaces between bodies and environments.  

Carlos Monleón is an artist and designer who whilst tending to his Martian vineyard is working on bridging contemporary remote sensing technologies with ancient textile crafts.…

Saturday December 13, 13:00 - 18:00


13:00 - 18:00 Market 
Join us tomorrow for a robotics workshop with PRINT ME 3D, discounted SHELFIE's (3D printed selfies!) and get your gifts sorted with products from TECHNOLOGY WILL SAVE US  & IGOR KNEZEVIC. Fancy making your own? Just for Saturday we'll be helping non members craft 3D printed laser etched presents!


GALLERY: The culmination of a micro-residency at Machines Room by South Kiosk artists

MAKESPACE: Craft LED wrist bands, brooches and gloves with Jennie Fagerstrom

18:00 - 23:00 drinks, food and music from South Kiosk DJ’s 18:00 - 21:00 workshop                                                    …

13:00 - 20:00 FASHION MARKET

20:00 - 23:00 BAD SANTA'S GROTTO

Starting next week Machines Room hosts LimeWharf Maker Markets.
4 inspiring events showcasing the work of makers to kick-start December. 

4th - Change Ringing performance
6th - Fashion Market & Bad Santa's Grotto
11th - British Council Maker Library: Maker Showcase
13th - PrintME 3D workshop and market                                                                                                                                    …

20:00 - 23:00 Change Ringing is an innovative collaborative artwork that combines music, sculpture, performance, and ritual. It has been devised by artist Peter Shenai and composer Laurence Osborn and is formed around a playable sculpture and a large-scale piece of contemporary classical music. Repeat performance of Change Ringing by Laurence Osborn, plus world premières from Jonathan Cole, Arne Gieshoff, Edwin Hillier, and Aaron Holloway-Nahum. Spoken word performance, TBC Exhibition of brand new commissioned artworks. Bar and DJs.

On Monday, Machines Room Maker Library hosted Alterfutures, a meetup of speculative designers and artists. > http://www.meetup.com/AlterFutures/events/218742057/

The invited guests talked about the design of agencies - Samantha Culp shared the advantages of electing a fictional avatar as CEO, Tommaso Lanza outlined his recent robot project at the Tate with his studio, JL Murtaugh described the process of transforming agencies into art practices and Dave Charlesworth introduced his artist run, commercial space. …

Taking place from 21-22 November, Make:Shift:Do is an opportunity for everyone to try their hand at a new craft for the digital age, from laser-cutting and 3D-printing to smart textiles and CNC-milling. 

Organised by the Crafts Council, in partnership with the V&AThe Royal Society of Arts and the Institute of Making at University College London, the programme will see ‘Make Spaces’ across the UK open their doors to the public for free workshops, events and activities. Join our resident maker, artist Jennie Fagerstrom, at Machines…

Last week LCF #FashionFutures students joined us at Machines Rooms for a wearable tech workshop with the guys from SAMS Lab. Using Sams kit and Shapestudio shapes, the group came up with some ingenious pieces, including a shirt that lit up when you received a "Like" on Facebook.

You can still pledge towards the SAMS Lab kickstarter fund HERE…