Maker Library Showcase: Michael Obrizkiv
For April Michael Obrizkiv has been resident maker at Machines Room developing his open source maker kit -
trispace is a system of hubs and struts that can be used to create just about anything geometric - sculptures, toys, buildings and prototypes. For the showcase Michael is working on scaling the kit up to be made on our CNC router and he will be exhibiting a walk-in dome-like structure. Alongside this construction there will be a display of objects made with the kit and a workshop space where visitors can have a go making themselves. 
Michael Obrizkiv is a is a self taught designer and founder of Recent presentations include London Design Week 2014, and Maker Library Showcase, Cape Town 2015. As current Maker Library Maker in Residence at Machines Room he is developing trispace as an open source kit to be published via the Maker Library Network and showcased in May 2015.  
The Maker Library Network (MLN) is a British Council project commissioned as part of Connect ZA. The MLN is a new initiative that promotes collaboration and knowledge-sharing between designers and makers which aims to create connections between young creatives and audiences in the UK and South Africa with the ambition to expand into a world-wide network.